Is it worth paying a higher cottage rental to have a swimming pool?

Holiday cottages with a private pool are the biggest seller in holiday rentals. Everyone seems to want to have their own swimming pool for a week or two. Is it worth paying the higher rental price to have one?

The answer is yes if you’re actually going to use the swimming pool. A swimming pool offers ready-made entertainment for all ages. It would enhance a self-catering holiday for people who enjoy a swim.  It can be an enormous asset for families with children. Kids can happily spend a couple of hours in a swimming pool. Take along a ball and a few inflatables and the fun will begin.

Holiday cottages with a swimming pool

Holiday cottages with a swimming pool


The swimming pool factors to check

1. The location of the swimming pool, inside or outside

2. Is it heated and to what temperature? The water needs to be a reasonable temperature for holidaymakers to actually enjoy using it. We do not want any challenges or ordeals on holiday.

3. How deep is the pool. It is best to have a pool without a deep end if you have children or guests who are not proficient swimmers.

4. Are there changing rooms. This might not matter with an outdoor pool but it does mean trailing dripping swimsuits into your holiday cottage.

5. What are the dimensions of the pool? Wide angled lens can make a small bath appear cavernous.

6. Is there a ladder or steps leading into the pool? Steps are better for young children and older people.


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