Luxury holiday cottages with a swimming pool

There is a world of difference between a holiday in a luxury cottage with its own swimming pool and a three or four star cottage in a holiday complex. Suddenly, the scale is moved from standard to opulent and good basic comfortable accommodation becomes palatial.


Luxurious cottages with a private pool

Luxurious cottages with a private pool

Luxurious properties with their own private pools ensure a higher degree of privacy. The holiday cottage will stand in large secluded gardens and not in just a patch next to its neighbours. Expect high hedges or even a walled garden surrounding an outdoor heated swimming pool or a separate pool house.

Everything is high end with luxurious properties; the bed linen will be superior, silky yet crisp to the touch even if it’s cotton or linen. It will be delicious to slip into such a bed and feel smooth and cool sheets against your skin. There may be fresh flowers in the bedrooms, in addition to the living areas.

The gourmet kitchen will be equipped with the best appliances and have a wide range of equipment to allow you to prepare culinary masterpieces for your family should you wish. Alternatively, the American style fridge freezer and perhaps an additional freezer can store ready-made meals that can be delivered to your cottage door.

The interior of your luxury holiday cottage will have been designer designed and feature co-ordinated furnishings, rugs and accessories. The rooms will be a pleasure to look at and explore.

With your own private swimming pool on the premises, you can elect to swim before breakfast or whenever it suits you best.

There are fabulous five star and elite cottages in many charming secluded spots all over the UK. Do explore some of the top range cottages shown on this web site (under Related Sites on the right) and thoroughly enjoy a premier holiday.


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